Our Guarantee

Relax Digital Collage

We believe in 100% worry free purchasing.

Collage Supply Co products are 100% risk free.

If you buy one of our products and don't love it, we will refund your money. Just send us a message using the contact form, letting us know why within 30 days of your purchase, and we'll refund you.

So, if you are even slightly interested in one of our products, might as well buy it, there is no down side.

Collage Supply Co offer the most high quality digital collage packs available and work hard to give our customers the highest possible satisfaction. If you're a collage making pro or just curious to give it a go, we are confident that our packs will suit your needs. 

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Please Note: Collage Supply Co reserves the right to refuse refunds in rare cases where we feel the policy is being abused.